Helping Your Hospitals To Achieve Success
With Elegant Attributes Of VMed

The society today is concerned about their health and hygiene and People are now looking to stay connected with doctors. This is where VMed has risen as a boon for them providing telemedicine services

But what is in VMed for the hospitals? Hospitals that are places where patients get the best care will get a lot when they partner with us at VMed.

Stay In The Race With Virtual Hospital

VMed would provide you with a customized virtual hospital That would have an edge over your competitors.
  • VMed would recreate your hospital virtually allowing the patients to connect with the digital services.
  • Hospitals could display the services of doctors in an organized manner to get better user satisfaction.
  • Patients will choose the healthcare specialists of their choice that the hospital provides after paying a basic registration and consultation fees.
  • Your doctors would miss no patients with the “Available List” feature available in the application.

Deliver Your Services With Full Security

Just like your hospital where the patients and doctors will feel safe, VMed would provide security to them.
  • VMed is end-to-end encrypted, which would allow no intrusion.
  • The privacy of your doctors and patients will be protected.
  • The payment gateways are secure with proper encryption.
  • The pre-payment method ensures that no patient skips on the fees.

Data Driven Services to your Patients

A hospital needs to remain constantly updated with the medical details of the patients to provide proper care.
  • Your Doctors can access the history of the patients with a robust database.
  • The database would get updated after the consultation is delivered keeping your record up-to-date.
  • Tests could be performed at the home of patients with the help of labs integrated with your hospital by VMed.
  • Doctors could pass the file of the patients with all the medical details when they are referring patients to other doctors.
  • Pharmacies can deliver medicines to the patients if they are integrated with the hospital.

Enjoy Better Reach With Global Access

VMed is encompassing a global audience that will allow your hospital to get a global reach.
  • Get better community visibility and brand establishment with the digital aid.
  • The attention of positive media could be gathered with the help of campaigns.
  • Visibility on smartphones allows you to get more reach and credibility in the community than the offline route.
  • The responsive design of VMed would make your hospital available to everyone irrespective of the devices they use.
  • Get extra revenue with the VMed as the second source of income.

Win The Battle Against The Pandemic

VMed has proved to be a great tool to counter the situation of COVID19 pandemic. With the threat of transmission present everywhere, the application turns out to be a great escape for hospitals to deliver their services.
  • Doctors could attend patients who direly need their services with no fear of the deadly virus.
  • Patients and doctors would remain safe with remote consultancy feature.
  • No need to call employees to the hospital, lowering the risks of transmission.
  • The hospital could function properly as it did before the pandemic, with the help of the “Virtual Entity” feature.