About The Application

The healthcare industry has always been the backbone of society. Delivering healthcare services to everyone is becoming a challenge in this fast and busy world. This is the reason we at Dhanush Healthcare have launched “Vidmed”.

The application was developed to deliver healthcare services to people from all communities and economic backgrounds. The application serves as the route to get remote consultations from our healthcare specialist available on the application. This thus helps the patient get a diagnosis from the comfort of his home.

Our Goals

We at VMed have a goal to provide medical consultation to our consumers at any part of the day of the year. We aim to provide expert consultation to the people all over India irrespective of their background.

How Do We Plan To Do So?

The answer is by helping them avoid any scenario where patients don’t receive proper medical attention and this is where our VMed application comes in. The application will deliver the best medical consultation to you at any time of the day ensuring that you don’t miss out on getting proper medical attention. Being a user-oriented company, we strive to provide efficient care with a quick response time.

How Does It Work

If you are using the application for the first time and are wary of how to use it, then don’t worry, we got you covered:

  • Download the application from the Google Play for Android devices and iStore for iOS devices.
  • Once the installation is finished, you need to provide your details to Vidmed.
  • After this, you need to find specialists related to your problem and get their consultation.
  • After the doctor is done diagnosing your problem, a prescription would be sent to you of the required medicines.

Procedures to avail of the services

Vidmed is having a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use.
The first-time users also breeze through the navigation of the application

Installation and registration

Vidmed is available on the application store of the leading operating systems. The applications bring the hospital to your doorsteps. After installing the application on your device, you need to fill in a very basic registration form. The registration form is necessary to get some insights into the patient’s medical history. This would help our specialists cater their services properly to you. Now, you are ready to search for the expert who would help you in your medical ailment.

Selection and Payment

You need to search for the healthcare expert who will help you. You would find the doctors in the “Available list” when you log in to your application. The payment needs to be done before the consultation. A plethora of payment methods are available for you to help you get a better user experience.


You could call your doctors now when they are available on the application and get their services. However, there are possibilities that the doctor would be occupied with other patients. But we got you covered. All you need to do now is send a request of CALL-BACK to your doctor and he would call you when he is done with that patient. The sessions would be performed via a video call, which would ensure proper interaction between the patient and the doctor.

Benefits We Cater Via Our Application

Vidmed is the first step to overcome the barriers that existed between patients and healthcare services. A sundry of benefits could be achieved by using Vidmed for getting medical consultations, some of which are:

  • The healthcare costs that you would incur with Telemedicine or Telehealthcare services would be lower than common healthcare services.
  • A better doctor-patient relationship is achieved with our application. “The better the relationship, the better would be the patient care”.
  • With Vidmed, you will be in a safer domain in the comfort of your house. Whereas clinics or hospital might have people diagnosed with communicable diseases.
  • You get quick access to the specialist of your choice, avoiding waiting in lengthy queues, or taking appointments for visiting your doctor.
  • The application is having all your medical records, which will be helpful for any future diagnosis.