VMed Services

VMed - Services offered to GCC

  • GCC (Greater Chennai Corporation) is responsible for maintaining roads, streetlights, and flyovers across the city and also the city’s cleanliness and Health & Hygiene. ​
  • Patient can upload the required Documents / past reports / Prescriptions for Doctor’s review and doctor upon consultation will issue the plan of care or prescription though the App
  • The entire TeleMedicine Consultation is recorded as a Electronic Health Record ( EHR) of the patient. ​​ ​
  • During Covid Pandemic GCC has given Teleconsultations to more than 11000 Patients through VMED. ​

VMed - Services Offered to Vedanta Foundation​

  • Dhanush in collaboration with Vedanta Foundation as a Health Partner providing Quality primary healthcare services – preventive and diagnostic services – across the states of Odisha,Chhattisgarh,Karnataka & Jharkhand
  • Covering a large part of community from the beneficiaries of 600 Nand Ghars where each Nand Ghar caters to a population of 1,000 beneficiaries.
  • To provide healthcare at Nand Ghar (doorstep) for rural communities, leveraging contemporary technology such as ICT and telehealth. Where in Dhanush is a pioneer in providing Telehealth in INDIA.

VMed – Services Offered to Shree Ram Arogya Mitra Abhiyan

  • Shree Ram Arogya Mitra Abhiyan launched in the state of Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh (6 Districts) & Haryana.
  • 2500+ Arogya Mitras are trained across the states to actively connect with patients in villages and urban poor

VMed – Services Offered to Sampati Arogya Mitra Abhiyan

  • Providing Video and Audio based doctors consultation service to citizens to get Health care queries addressed in this pandemic in the state of Uttar Pradesh
  • Serving the marginalised sections through teleconsultation services (Toll Free Number) who do not have access to smart phones
  • Helping Government to decrease strain on Health infra and curbing spread of COVID-19 by offering Free Telemedicine consultations to patients at their home