Ayurveda Meets Digital Age With VMed

Ayurveda functions intending to protect and improve the health of the patient,
prolonging their lives while relieving them from any pain or suffering.
To deliver this, the medical practitioners require complete and accurate
details of the patient to deliver effective care.

We at Vmed cater remote healthcare services to the patients using video
conferencing services for delivering proper care. The Ayurveda doctors are
benefitted with the seamless navigation and feature of the application.

An Application Made Just For You

The application is great for Ayurveda doctors, providing them with a combination of technology and Ayurveda.
  • The application is customized especially for Ayurveda services, blending in with its practices like Prakriti Analysis.
  • You will provide genuine Ayurvedic healthcare services to your patients.
  • The reminders from the call center would help you take appointments on time and never miss one.
  • The cost of delivering services on the application will be way too less than establishing a clinic or hospital.

Never Miss A Detail With Our Comprehensive Plan Of Care

The Plan of Care is a section for doctors’ prescriptions in the VMed application.
  • It serves as an organized way of having the advice or consultation given to the patient for delivering swift care on the next appointment.
  • VMed thus allows the doctors to view past medical details of the patients using the plan of care, ensuring delivery of proper care.
  • VMed also allows recording the drugs and consultations given to the patients in this section, helping doctors and the patient if they are referred to other doctors.
  • This cuts down the workload of doctors of sharing case files and allowing quick specialist care to patients.
  • This section available includes details of Roga Pariksha and Pancha Karma, which are essential in Ayurveda.

Help More People With Easy Reach

Telemedicine services have become a trend and with it, many people are trying to avail of the services for getting the convenience of remote healthcare services.
  • You will reach a larger set of patients for delivering your services.
  • The promotional campaigns and global digital presence of the application will allow you to have better reach.
  • Call center assistance would help the patients for using the application, improving upon the user experience.
  • The Multi-Channel access that VMed will deliver, would allow the patients to avail of your services from a plethora of devices.

Unmatched Security Of Your Privacy

VMed will not only furnish you with various features, but it would also provide you with amazing security and privacy protection.
  • The security of the applications does not allow any intrusion in it.
  • With proper encryption, the details of the patients and doctors are never compromised.
  • The application does not allow any third party to view ANY information about the patients.
  • The application is following the terms of Digital information security in the Healthcare Act (DISHA).
  • Apart from privacy concerns, the payments are taken before, which does not allow any payment skips.

Never Miss A Chance To Deliver Quality Care

Providing proper care to the patients is the duty of the doctor. You could provide quality care to your patients with the easy interface and some extra features of the application.
  • You could provide extra care to more critical patients.
  • The surveillance services of the application would allow you to deliver extra care to the patients for ensuring the safety of the patients.
  • You could deliver the services from home, reducing any chances of any transmission of disease during this pandemic.
  • The patients can easily access facilities like:
    • Rasāyantantra
    • Vājīkaraṇatantra
    • Panchakarma
    • Kaumāra-bhṛtya
    • Śhālākyatantra and many more.

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